A Short Guide about the GMAT!
A Student Guide To Graduate Management Admission Test
Benefits of GMAT Tutoring That You Should Consider!
GMAT For Entry in Business Schools: How Can Tutoring Services Help You To Ace It?

A Short Guide about the GMAT!

What Is the GMAT?

The GMAT is a business school admission test that lasts almost 3 1/2hours and contains the following four parts:

1. An analytical writing evaluation which assesses critical reasoning and communication abilities.

2. An integrated thinking component reveals how effectively students can evaluate facts and understand the information provided in diverse forms.

3. A quantitative reasoning part measures if pupils have high mathematics aptitude and numerical literacy.

4. A verbal reasoning component examines reading skills and editing ability, but if someone can make logical sense of stated arguments.

Scoring of GMAT:


Analytical writing is scored in half-point levels, and integrated thinking has eight whole-number potential scores. Both parts have a minimum of 0 and a max of 60. However, scores below 6 and over 51 are exceptional. Scores range from 200 to 800 in 10-point increments. These results are based on a test-verbal taker's numeric correctness and question difficulty. From 2018-2021, the average GMAT score was 531.13 out of 800. Five hundred ninety exceeded the ability of 53% of test-takers, while 760 or higher was the 99th percentile.

Why Should You Take the Test With the Help of GMATCompass?

Participating in the GMAT tutoring from GMAT Compass will set you apart from the other applicants due to the following reasons:

It indicates your dedication, capacity, and desire to succeed in business schools.

It establishes a connection between you and the program that is the most suitable for you via customized program suggestions.

Your potential for financial gain will improve as a result.

It paves the way for many possibilities.

Most business schools rely on this examination to make an educated selection of applicants.

Reasoning and critical thinking are two essential abilities that top business schools look for, and this test gauges how well you do in these areas.

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