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Many individuals interested in pursuing graduate courses in business are surprised to learn that the GMAT is often required of them to apply to their preferred programs.

But what exactly is the GMAT, and why do so many colleges and institutions consider it a crucial part of the evaluation process for prospective students, particularly those applying to MBA programs or other business master's programs? Let’s figure it out!

Parts of GMAT: 

The GMAT is not like a normal exam, and it consists of many modules and different types of tests to seek out the diamond in the rough.

Analytical Writing Assessment:

The GMAT analytical writing component measures your ability to speak clearly. You must communicate and think critically. This part tests your essay-writing skills.

Integrated reasoning:

The integrated reasoning section of the GMAT test will measure your capacity to handle information presented in various forms and derived from several different sources. Because there are so many different ways in which information and facts may be presented in the actual world, this is a talent that everyone should strive to acquire.

This section of the GMAT test will give you thirty minutes to answer the questions. There are a total of twelve questions in the integrated reasoning section, and these questions are broken down into the following categories:

  • Table analysis of several sources of reasoning
  • The Interpretation of Graphics
  • An Examination of Both Parts

Quantitative reasoning:

The quantitative reasoning section of the GMAT will test both your mathematical abilities and your capacity to analyze graphical data sets. You will have 62 minutes to respond to 31 questions with multiple choice answers. During this component of the test, using a calculator is not authorized under any circumstances.

Verbal Reasoning:

GMAT verbal reasoning tests your reading and comprehension skills. You'll also be tested on your ability to assess arguments and correct English facts.

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